Tuesday, January 13, 2009



1913 – WATER OX
1925 – WOOD OX
1937 – FIRE OX
1949 – EARTH OX
1961 – METAL OX
1973 – WATER OX
1985 – WOOD OX
1997 – FIRE OX
2009 – EARTH OX

Responsible character, hard-working, conscientious worker, strong mind, good achiever, sincere, trustful, opportunist, equilibrium and tenacity, set about everything it does in a resolute, methodical and determined style, has considerable leadership abilities, more than often admired for its tough and uncompromising nature, a good planner whom wants achievements in life as far as possible and will not be defeated easily from the ultimate objective.

The Ox will seriously look into its responsibilities and duties with quick decision taking advantages of opportunities that crosses its path. A sincere animal placing its trust in colleagues and friends but nevertheless is also a loner at times, a quiet private individual which often keeps their thoughts to themselves.

It cherishes own independence with preference to set about things in their way rather than to be bonded, dictated or pressurised by others influences. Having a calm and tranquil nature and if somebody angers or feels being played out, they can display a fearsome temper, stubborn and obstinate also can lead into conflict with its circle of friends and associates.

Normally, The Ox will succeed in getting their own style and a poor loser should matters go against its way taking defeat or setback extremely badly. A rather studious deep thinker and is not particularly renowned for its sense of humour also does not accept kindly to new gimmicks or innovative ideas being too traditional sticking to the more conventional norm.

To The Ox, home is very important and in some respect wants to treat the house as a private sanctuary and their family tends to closely knitted expecting its members does a fair share around the house.
The Ox is a hoarder like to be neat, well organised and places great important on punctuality, dislike waiting, impatient type which will flare in temper particularly if it is due to someone’s inefficiency with its hard tough master character.

If they settled in a job or home, The Ox will happily remain as it is for many years and does not like changes, for they are not particularly keen on travels. It does however enjoy a bit of gardening at home but prefer much more to pursuit’s outdoor activities during their spare time rather being too homely.

As they are quite excellent in their gardening interest, The Ox normally will prefer to stay at the countryside which has an open space for them to maintain than in the busy town. Due to their dedicated and dependable nature, they will do well in their chosen career, provided, enough space with freedom to act on their own initiative.

The Ox invariably does well in career like politics, agriculturist, and specialised type of business. They are very gifted in artistically and can be considerable successful as musician or composers.
The problems with Oxen are they find it difficult and will take a long time to establish friendship, or courtship but will remain devoted, loyal and faithful once settled in its mind to its partners.

The Ox is compatible well suited to those born under the signs of Rat, Rabbit, Snake and Rooster, and can also established good relationship with Monkey, Dog, Pig or another Oxen but will find little in common with the whimsical, sensitive Goat, and will find difficulty in getting along with The Horse, Dragon Tiger.

The main reason that they are not suited with Horse, Dragon and Tiger is because The Ox’s nature is quiet, peaceful and whereas the other three signs tends to be a little too lively and impulsive for their liking.

As for The Female Ox having a kind caring nature, and their family and home are very much their pride and joy. Due to the character they readily to do whatever the best for its partners and can be a most conscientious and loving parent.

They are excellent organisers and usually as a determined mind person will succeed whatever achievements they want in life. The female Oxen usually have a deep interest in arts and can be a talented artist or musician.

The Ox being a determined mind type is a very down to earth character, sincere, loyal and unpretentious, but however rather reserved and to some may appear distant and aloof. Although, naturally quiet but underneath, it has a very strong willed and ambitious type of character.

Finally, being courageous of its convictions, The Ox is often prepared to stand up for its believes to be right, therefore regardless of the consequences, it inspire confidence, trustful thoughts throughout the lifetime and will rarely be short of people’s support for their actions.